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    • Lunar Logic: Level Progression

      I took a fairly different approach to balancing level progression in Fallout 4 than most. I looked at how Fallout 4 works, and it is closer to a traditional RPG. You level up and get more health, better equipment, do more damage, gain skills to approach obstacles differently. What I think most experienced with the vanilla game is that the pieces didn't match up quite right and so game play felt "off". I will try to explain my approach here and then explain why I think other approaches are harder to get right.

      Working with Bethesda's System

      So my approach was to look at all of the elements of the game that Bethesda created, that affect level progression, and adjust them to work better with each other. I chose to use player/NPC health as the control and balance everyt...

    • Lunar Logic: Food and Drugs

      Food and Drugs are a great mechanic of the Fallout series. There is a lot of variety, crafting and role play. It helps flesh out the game world and your character. And more options allow more ways to play. I wanted to improve these systems to make this more the case.

      The first change I made was adjusting cooked food so that cooking does not remove radiation. Radiation is such a critical part of the Fallout world and balancing health and radiation is a great mechanic. By making almost all food radioactive you make that balance more important.  You make anti rad meds more important. The world feels just a little more hostile.

      Then I made cooking food a proper skill with the Wasteland Gourmet perks. You can eat whatever you scavenge, or you can craft increasingly high...

    • Aigis SwordMage's Equipment

      ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++   Aigis SwordMage's Equipments                            (ver 0,1)                                              for Oblivion                    by Hidemaro. (2018.11/22)++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++* Outline  This is a Mod that adds the costume of the character 'Kasis' of social game 'Aigis'. Five costumes are prepared for each, and you can combine them.  Even more simple swords will be added. This will make a proper thing at a later date. It is sold at 'Rindir's Staffs' in Imperial Commercial District.* Include  The parts are divided into a hat (amulet), upper body, lower body, cloak (Tail), shoes.   Kasis Upper: It is the costume of the upper body.   Kasis L...

    • Work In Progress

      Hopefully it won't break. Given I'm new to modding, it likely will. So save your game first and be prepared to go back to that save....

    • FAQ and Troubleshooting - Translation

      Horizon - FAQ and Troubleshooting
      Оригинал тут. Редакция от 12.06.18

      Эта статья отвечает на вопросы о проблемах и жалобах, которые возникают у некоторых игроков.

      Некоторые игроки время от времени думают, что "Горизонт" не сбалансирован, а затем узнают, что их моды были сломаны(прим.: имеется в виду, что сопутствующие моды портят общий баланс игры). Пожалуйста, убедитесь, что вы прочитали эту статью, прежде чем сообщать о каких-либо п...

    • The upcoming sequel

      What is the future, going forward?: I am creating a follow-up mod, Viva Nuka-World (VNW). NWR was cut in 2 pieces, so that it would be feasible for me to release the first part. VNW would cover the cut "Act 2" and tie up the loose ends in Nuka-World.

      What would be the similarities?: 

      Your actions will still have consequences and affect the mod's experience.
      The presence of the Traders, Raiders and Institute Exiles.
      Romanceable companions.
      Full affinity events, which all companions in the base game, NW, NWR and VNW will respond to.

      What would be the differences?:

      You have less freedom in choosing which questline(s) to follow. The mod will decide this for you, based on your actions in NWR. Even in the case that...

    • Map marker and new secured barriers

      I add some barriers on the junkyard and fix some bugs, now there is an pipboy map marker....

    • New version 1.5

      In this version there are more barriers and fences and an bigger apartment for savegames....

    • Bugs and Feedback

      Please feel free to add any Bugs or Feedback here....

    • Responses to the Criticism - Full Version

      Why did you write a third response?: Because I want to write a fuller response than YouTube can provide in a comment, and I'm too busy to respond to everyone who criticises this mod.

      What's the background of this?: Comments of my mod on the PV Discord and on the Nexus have mainly been neutral to positive. But AlChestBreach's 2 videos on the mod had unanimous negative criticism towards the mod, including from his fan base.

      I watched Al's video and it seems messed up and broken/I don't understand what's going on at all/What the *** is going on?: NWR is a choose your own adventure style quest mod, which gives you full freedom to start any questline at any order. But with giving the player great power, I had a great responsibility to ensure that the events are adjusted ...

    • Godmode bordem

      Hey guys, Hentai Lesbian here, i have personally made this mod by hand searching all this stuff up and testing it to make sure it works. It gives you so many things and gives you high ass stats that make you extremely OP. Theres not much to say other than this file is busted if you dont mind being a god all game. command in game through console (~) is: bat Godmode...

    • Suggestions

      Please post any and add suggestions here!...

    • Traditional Zombies-Plain Zombies

      This mod edits the xml file to remove certain zombies: zombiedog, zombiebear, zombiespider, zombiewight, zombievulture....

    • CALIFORNIA Fonts for Vanilla

      # CALIFORNIA Fonts for Vanilla


      ## Version

      > 0.1

      ## Description

      > CALIFORNIA Fonts for Vanilla is a mod to substitute the Monofonto typeface sets in the vanilla game with a design based on the California transportation system's signage lettering.

      ## Reasoning

      > Modern transportation signage lettering derived from the DIN text grids is regarded as one of the most readable kinds of typefaces of the age. They are designed to be read quickly, effortless and unassumingly, both for longer text strings or modicum amounts too.

      ## Compatibility and Recommendations

      > This mod should be highly compatible with any mod that uses the vanilla game font entries, hence most of the FO:...

    • Taffington Boathouse Fixed and developed into a Water Providing Hub.

      Access to water, a massive purifier, strong road connections, and a relatively central location has turned Taffington Boathouse into a major trading center for the Commonwealth.  The safety of the community's walls matched with the need for workers has led settlers to accept the cramped living conditions reminiscent of a FEMA camp.

      My third settlement upload. Thank you so much for the kind messages on my prior ones: Starlight Drive In Trading Hub And Settlement and Nordhagen Beach - A Tough Thriving Community.

      For this settlement I wanted to create a water trading hub. Given the value of purified water it needed to be defendable. Leaving the road that passes through the build area open for commerce meant that the remaining settlement area is fairly compact and muc...

    • Charge Arms from Phantasy Star Online (HBG)

      Hey there,

      here is my custom HBG requested by wssh

      Taroth Assault Glutton

      will be replaced with Charge Arms

      I will probably reupload it when i finished the HD textures....

    • Add some new details and fixed bugs

      New platform and house bugfix, and street now fixed....

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