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    • Aphelion's Rest Dungeon

      A new dungeon near whiterun (WIP) will be accessible through the map....

    • Working on the mod again

      I recently lost my computer to hardware failure. I have a new one, but nothing from the old computer made it.

      I was picking the mod back up at the time and luckily I really hadn't gotten very far so not much was lost. The assets I can still get from here but I still lost the new models from the sneak peak ages ago. I'm also very tired so going to sleep. Here's a sneak peak at what I've done tonight, just a little bit of what I've done. Make of it what you will.

      ScriptName PonyFollowerScript

      ;This contains all of the code related to the pony follower, like any vanilla follower
      ;It also handles instances of firing and frisking of the pony follower, like any vanilla follower


      ;Follower variables.
      int Waiting

    • Bug Reports Board

      Technical inquiries despite proper installation goes here....

    • Additional Guilds Initial Upload

      The second Additional mod has been uploaded to the link below, it creates new spell tomes allowing the caster to teleport to the Guilds around Skyrim

      City Teleports - Additional Guilds...

    • Initial Upload

      If you find any bugs, please let me know

      If you think of any other additions, or mods you would like this to work with, just let me know...

    • Usage for Modding Beginners

      1. Install Unique Player and Followers REDUX
      Navigate to "Textures\Actors\Character\PlayerHumanMale"
      You can replace the following textures with your own desired textures:
      Navigate to "Meshes\Actor\Character\PlayerCharacterAssets"
      You will be able to replace the following files with your desired body meshes:

    • Adding Ores and Forage and Resource spawns to your Farm.

      As a map maker, you may want to have the ability to have ores, berries, stumps, logs, and more to spawn on your custom farm map. This can be done within MTN by setting the "ResourceClumps" tag for Stumps, Logs, and Boulders, the "Foraging", for berries, mushrooms and various other natural items, and the "Ores" for Ores and Geodes to spawn on your custom farm map.

      All three tags share very similar layout configuration in the farmType.json file. However, slight variations and functions do exists. I will provide an example for a few, and cover the (oh so slight) differences between foraging, ores, and resource spawning in terms of functionality. Afterwords, I will provide an ID list for everything. Take note that this may feel like a lot, as the spawning rules are very flexible. <...

    • Cerinia well done

      Cerinia was a planet an had intelligent races.Well here is the main one.
      You will get a set of armor specifically for females.Custom made.This armor is also available for crafting....

    • Overriding a Maps warp points.

      This article assumes you've read: Using MTN for your custom farm.

      While creating your custom farm map, you may have the desire to restructure the entry points of your farm. The entry points of your farms, that connect to the neighboring maps to the farm such as Cindersap Forest, Bus Stop, etc, are handled by the Warp functionality within Stardew Valley. These warps are placed within the map themselves, via map properties. You can see this property by open a map in Tiled, selecting Map in the menu followed by Map Properties. Take note that each map only considers their own warp points, and not their neighbors. That means, if you relocate the entry/exit points to the neighboring maps, warping from Bus Stop to the Farm may pose a problem.

      MTN mitigates this issue w...

    • Indoril Ordinator Armor

      This mod simply adds in the Indoril Ordinator armor made by Felix Lucas. Craftable under the Ebony category!...

    • Additional Towns Initial Upload

      The first Additional mod has been uploaded to the link below, it creates new spell tomes allowing the caster to teleport to the smaller towns

      City Teleports - Additional Towns...

    • Initial Upload

      If you find any bugs, please let me know

      If you think of any other additions, or mods you would like this to work with, just let me know...

    • BethINI

      BethINI - (Y)

      Description: A tool that gives you a user friendly way to change your ini settings, or you can let it do it for you. It's very user friendly, in that it gives you a description of each setting if you hold your mouse cursor over it. A link to a tutorial by Dirty Weasel Media.

      Download it and extract it to a new folder. I put it on my D drive, but your desktop would be fine. Open it, double click the application, and then select Skyrim Special Edition. Mod Organizer needs to be closed before you launch Bethini.


      On the first screen, pick the setting that matches what was suggested when you first loaded the game to create the .ini files (for example, ultra), and the...

    • Version 1.2 Changes

      Documentation Changes:
      - Brand New Game Doc has been included with a word and pdf version.
      - This document goes into the changes of Foreign Lands in more detail.
      - Brand New Spreadsheet has been included with an excel and pdf version.
      - This document contains all the specifics of every weapon, spell, and technick in the game as well as Esper Technicks, new Esper Gambits, and a list of Esper abilities.

      Other Changes:
      - Some Magick has been moved around to fix an issue where Watera was not being used by the AI in gambits. Stona is back to being purchased in stores, and Watera must now be found in a chest in the Garamsythe Waterway after draining one side of the sewer. You can location this more clearly with the Foreign Lands Spreadsheet. ...

    • Working On and Planned features

      Currently Working on Coffee \ Tonic addiction, might be out around next week(will actually play the game for a bit and see how it all works out). Also reworking the event-filling system so that you'll only get full if you attent the actual event, rather than get full because it's the right day. Will go trough one entire day to see what events provide you with food, and which do not. ETA on this next update with these features is around next-week(As I'll hopefully gotten a better view on the game, and the game-balance my mod provides).

      Other planned things:
      Optional hunger system that affect your max stamina, instead of your actual stamina(Tied in with the hang-over system).
      HungerBar(Not very important IMO, but if hunger will affect maxStamina, it'll be a bit mo...

    • Kingdom Two Crowns mod v1.0 - v1.4 simple game

      !! make a copy of the Managed folder, then replace it with the downloaded archive
      then replace the file with any version from 1.4 ,1.3,1.2,1.1 or 1.0 downloaded, or just simple ++

      simple ++ - for those who just want coins and crystals and a bit more beggars than in the original game the simple ++ version (fixed with beggars, now they don’t reproduce as Chinese)
      version 1.4. (enemies slightly strengthened, corrected with beggars, now they do not multiply, like the Chinese
      version 1.3 (enemies are weak, fixed with beggars, now they do not breed like the Chinese)
      version 1.2 (the enemies are exactly the same as they were, weak) and many beggars
      version 1.1 is fixed, the enemies remain reinforced(many beggars)
      version 1.0 


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